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Weekly Newsletter

Monday 15th September 2017

Last week saw the re- start of the Gaelic sessions delivered by Miss McLeod. This was is very successful learning opportunity which is provided by Falkirk Council. We had Miss MacLeod with us last year and all the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The afternoon session will have  music delivered by Dave from Youth Music Initiative, again provided by Falkirk Council. This will take place every two weeks on Wednesdays. The children will take part in moving to music, listening to the beat and rhythm of music. It is hoped that the morning session will be able to experience this neat term.

Thank you to all the parents who sent in something from home starting with the letter ‘s’. This week we will be learning to recognise the letter ‘a’ and its sound. We will be looking for ‘a’ things and thinking about words that start with this sound. Your child can bring an item from home beginning with this sound.

The sand has dried up and we now have small foam letters in it. The children are finding these letters and when engaging with an adult are giving words to match the letter they have found.

We continue to look at shapes and be creative with them. We will be exploring these using different media at the art and craft table. Please check your child’s tray regularly to take home any finished work. Thank you.  

We have also provided shapes along with a black mat for the children to place the shapes on. This mat provides a good background for the shapes to be easily seen. The children can use the shapes to be very creative with, making rockets, pyramids and houses, etc. 

We have a selection of building vehicles along with hard hats and High Vis vests for the children to wear during their play.     

Alyson from Child Smile will be in the nursery on Friday. She will be setting up the programme for this year. If you do not want your child involved in this programme please speak to a member of staff. Thank you.