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Zoo Lab

In Nursery today we had a lovely visit from 'Zoo Lab.' They took us on a magical journey based around the story of 'The Gruffalo.' Instead using the familar characters from the story they incorporated the variety of animals which they had brought along with them. We learnt lots of new facts and had great fun listening to their story and joining in different actions. They even allowed us to touch some of the animals. We were really brave!


To find out more information about 'Zoo Lab' please click on our collage photograph above and it will take you straight to the website. Thank you.


Did you know that Cockroaches are one of the fastest insects in the world?

They have also been around for 40 million years, they are natural survivors.

They eat waste from other animals and they are like superhereos as they can run through fire and survive. Did you also know that they can be frozen in the freezer for up to 2 weeks and once defrosted continue to live?


Tarantulas use the hairs on their bodies to push off any preditors which are trying to eat them or attack them.

They also love to catch flies and other mini beasts on their webs.

Milkshake the Corn snake.

Corn snakes grow upto twice the size. When they eat their pray they stretch their mouth as far as it can go up the way and side ways. The children did wonder how such a small snake could eat a whole mouse?


Frogs like to make sure that they are camoflagued from their prey and will use their tongues to smell.

Did you know that they use their eyes to push the food they have caught right down their throats?

They like to eat flies, crickets, worms and climb trees.

Giant African Snail

They have 10.000 teeth on their tongues.