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Snack Menu

In Nursery we ensure that the children are actively involved in the preparation of snack, emptying the dishwasher, setting the tables and collecting the milk from the school kitchen.  Every two weeks each key group are responisble for this. 

Details of the daily snack is displayed on our Nursery noticeboard.  Please let us know if your child has any intolerances or allergies to any foods.  Your child will be offered milk or water to drink.  The milk supply is subsidised by the EU milk subsidy scheme and our snack foods are purchased from Tesco's online delivery service.

In addition to the snack offered your child will be also have a selection of fresh fruit to choose from daily.

Please find our monthly snack list below.  This list is flexible and may vary from below.  Please check the Nursery notice board.  Thank you.

Over snacks consist of the various items from the list below: 

Tuc Crackers



Pitta Bread


Rice Cake



Birthday Cake

Cheese String



Bread Sticks



Additional Items:  Bagel, Babybel, cheese Strings, Garlic Bread, Birthday Cake, Natural Yoghurt and Cereal.