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Parent Councils:  

    *       Supporting the school in its work with pupils

    *       Representing the views of parents

    *       Promoting contact between school, parents, pupils, providers of nursery education and the community

    *       Reporting to Parents & Carers

 What the law says

 The main aims of the Parental Involvement Act (the new law) are to:

  • help parents become more involved with their child’s education and learning

  • welcome parents as active participants in the life of the school

  • provide easier ways for parents to express their views and wishes.

 To help achieve these aims, all parents will automatically be members of the Parent Forum at their child’s school and will be entitled to have a say in what happens at the school.

 Parents have said they want good opportunities to express views, to raise issues that are important to them and their child, to get a proper response to requests and questions and to know more about what goes on in schools.  The law is designed to make it easier for you to do all of this.